I shoot, I sing, I write, I am Amalia Gaita.

I am a visual artist, singer and songwriter based in Timisoara, Romania. Music, photography and writing are my fields of activity, based on a great passion for artistic creation and the emotion that comes with it.

I graduated the School of Arts and Design at UVT, having a bachelor and master’s degree in both photography and video art. As a professional photographer, I am specialized in conceptual and fashion photography. Throughout the years, my work has been published in magazines around the world and on best seller book covers. My photography has been exposed in various countries of Eastern Europe. Today, I am very grateful to have been awarded on various occasions for my work as a photographer and a visual artist. 

To me, photography is an introspection, in the first place. It’s a way to express myself and my emotions through art and share them with the world. The most important projects I’ve had, regarding conceptual photography, are “A bird’s year”, a visual journal containing photos I took each day and night throughout a year and “The Drowning”, a surrealistic project, representing the concept of dreaming.

As a musician, I am a passionate singer, a vocalist best known for my eclectic style and my love for improvisation.

Since I was a child, I discovered the world through music. When I was five, I enrolled in a children’s music club as a part of a choir, but soon I’ve got promoted as a solo vocalist and have started attending to music competitions at a very young age. By the time I was 18 I already participated in various national and international voice competitions and have been touring Europe, performing in France, Germany, Hungary, Serbia and Romania.

At 16 I got engaged in different projects with incredibly talented musicians in my hometown, exploring music styles such as jazz, funk, soul, blues and soft rock. In 2009 I became the voice of Geophone, a great musical experience, a collaboration with Sasi Vuscan, Teo Milea and Petre Ionutescu.  In 2011, I began performing with Teo Milea and released our first project together – Sounds of Christmas. That was  when our beautiful journey started. We both had a great passion for improvisation  and songwriting so we decided to go further and create a new material, Colours, a blend of classical ballads with a jazzy touch.


In 2015 I started working on my own project, writing songs for a new album called Melting Sun. This project was a creative and a therapeutic process at the same time. It totally changed my perspective on what music meant to me. In Melting Sun one will find jazz, blues, rock, soul influences, bossa-nova and new wave. My partners in crime are Cristina Precupas, the project manager and the guitarist with whom I wrote this material, Adi Schiopu – drums, Vlad Cotrus – guitar and Mihai Moldoveanu – bass.

As an introvert, art is my way of expression. I speak through images or sounds my most inner experiences, translated in a subtle way. I just want to deliver a sensitive message that people may relate to and can adapt to their own experiences.

Melting Sun was released in december 2017 and it is now available on CD Baby, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon. 

Order here: Amalia Gaita – Melting Sun