Amalia Gaita

I love, I share, I improvise . I’m a singer.

I am a passionate singer, a vocalist best known for my eclectic style and my love for improvisation.

Since I was a child, I discovered the world through music. When I was five, I enrolled in a children’s music club as a part of a choir, but soon I’ve got promoted as a solo vocalist and have attended to music competitions at a very young age. By the time I was 18 I already participated in various national and international voice competitions and have been touring Europe, performing in France, Germany, Hungary, Serbia and Romania.

At 16 I got engaged in different projects with incredibly talented musicians in my hometown, exploring music styles such as jazz, funk, soul, blues and soft rock. In 2009 I became the voice of Geophone, a great musical experience, a collaboration with Sasi Vuscan, Teo Milea and Petre Ionutescu.  In 2011, I began performing with Teo Milea and released our first projects together – Sounds of Christmas and Colours.

In 2015 I started working on my own project, writing songs for a new album called Melting Sun. This project was a creative and a therapeutic process at the same time. It totally changed my perspective on what music meant to me. In Melting Sun one will find jazz, blues, rock, soul influences. My partners in crime are Cristina Precupas, the manager of the project and the guitarist with whom I wrote this material, Adi Schiopu – drums, Vlad Cotrus – guitar and Mihai Moldoveanu – bass.


Cri siteCristina Precupas

I am a committed person, an ambitious architect and a self-taught artist, with a great passion for guitar playing. Along with Amalia Gaita, I discovered my love for improvisation and songwriting. Our musical journey began since childhood, by searching and experimenting new music genres. I am also the manager behind Melting Sun project. Together with Amalia, I am the event organiser and planner.

Collaborating with Amalia Gaita for Melting Sun is a great adventure and a hard working process, but also creative and fun. We love spending time together, thinking about new ideas, discussing creative themes and concepts. Melting Sun means growth, friendship and good vibes.



Adrian Schiopu 

I am a serious, progressive and passionate artist!

I started playing drums since I was a child, although, at that time, I studied violin at school. In my nearly 28 years of activity, I had the opportunity to be a part of different music projects and have explored a great variety of genres that make me who I am today as an artist.

Some of the musicians I played with are Emil Kindlein (For Sale), Horea Crisovan (ACUM), DDZ, Adi Barar (ABB), Cristian Cazacu (CC:UO), Bujor Hariga (Ora H), Mircea Bunea (MBT), Nimrod Szedlacsek (4motion), Sunny Tranca and Teo Milea. At the present day, my main collaborations are with Amalia Gaita and CLAR Band.

To me, Melting Sun means a fresh, non-commercial music challenge and, let’s say, the most atypical project I have ever played in. I love the experiences that get me out of my comfort zone and this project does that to me!


Mihai Moldoveanu

I am a calm, balanced and enthusiast artist!

I started playing bass around 2003 and since 2008 I have been regularly playing and touring with several Romanian bands and artists. The music genres I play are very diverse, from loud rock and metal to mellow jazz or electronic music. Alongside collaborating with Amalia Gaita for Melting Sun project, the main projects I play in are JazzyBIT, Sunset in the 12th House and Paperjam.

To me, being a part of Melting Sun project means the joy of exploring new stylistic areas in music, along with great people!



Vlad Cotrus

I am a sensitive and perfectionist artist, with a great passion for cars and cycling.

I started playing guitar since 2009, as a self-taught musician. Afterwards, I began studying double bass at the college and, at the present day, I am a student at the University of Music in Timisoara. I am also a guitar teacher for children. My wish is to encourage them to enter this amazing world of music. To me, music is a unique feeling, It’s the best way to express myself and my emotions.

In time, I have played in various music projects, but one of the most important is Urma.

Collaborating with Amalia Gaita for the Melting Sun project means friendship, in the first place. I am really grateful to work along with talented artists which I admire. It’s a great new experience that motivates me to be in a constant progress.